Run like hell…from whining ninnies like Joe Pags!

San Antonio’s drive time talk show egotist on WOAI, Joe Pagliarulo, got his so-called “conservative” panties in a wad because a gun range north of Dallas hosted a birthday party for 8-year olds where the youngsters were allowed to (Oh my good Lord, the gummint needs to do something!) fire guns. Pags, who has (being a legend in his own mind) never once been wrong about anything (except that he once thought he was mistaken) went ballistic over the whole idea of kids having a birthday party with guns involved.


Pags is proving more and more that he really isn’t just a yankee, he’s a damnyankee–those are the ones who don’t just come down here to visit, they come and stay and attempt to change us into them. Maybe with his incessant sub-hosting for his betters, he’ll get the hoped-for call to move back east to bigger and better things.

Well, Joe, I know that Ray Wylie meant the song as irony, but “screw you, we’re from Texas.”

And if we want to teach our little ones that the 2nd amendment applies to them, even at that early age, and we want to do it in a legal and professionally supervised setting with pizza, 32-ounce sodas (that you won’t be able to buy in Nyoo Yawk), and sugary ice cream involved, then we’ll do just that. Here’s why:

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Run like hell…from being a stupid voter.

After the last election, Youtube featured a video showing people who voted for Barack Obama being stupid. They didn’t know who Dick Cheney was. They didn’t know who Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were. They all probably knew who was the last American Idol and who had been thrown off the island in Survivor. They probably knew the name of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and they had probably all seen the sex tapes of Pam, Kim and Paris. They probably know what a ‘fupa’ is. But they are as politically astute as a bucket of snot. And we allow these morons to vote. Continue reading

Run…from ending up like Christopher Hitchens

God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, even if he laughs when he knows their time is coming. (See Ezekiel 33 and the 37th Psalm)

A little more than a fortnight past, died one Christopher Hitchens, an atheist. The tributes from his fellows and opponents have been sickeningly sweet and I will not add to them.

If the man was able to abide by his own unbelief to the end and if he was right concerning human existence, to wit, that he was no more than one of the animals, his life and rotting carcass or his ashes—whatever the case may be—has no more meaning than the bacteria swarming around a warm pile of cow dung.

If those of us believers are correct and if Hitchens maintained his rebellious contempt of the God who gave him his abilities to string words together for the amusement of the mocking masses, then he has faced the judgment which follows the single physical death appointed to all men and he is now facing an eternity of self-inflicted torment apart from God. There will be no Sabbath-rest for Hitchens; that is only promised for God’s own people. So there is no “R.I.P” wished for him here.

I want to take on Hitchens’s rewrite of the Ten Commandments, because it was here that he bandied about what many of his peers took for an uncommon knowledge of Holy Scripture. He meant for part of his new “Commandments” to be humorous, and perhaps when we hear, “Thou shalt turn off thy ‘effing’ cell phone” we’re inclined to agree. But when Hitchens proclaimed that God had “rewritten” the commandments—“since the giving of the divine Law by Moses appears in three or four wildly different scriptural versions. (When you hear people demanding that the Ten Commandments be displayed in courtrooms and schoolrooms, always be sure to ask which set. It works every time)”—he was either ignorant, dishonest, or a blatant liar. Continue reading

Run…From Stupid Hackneyed Quotes

Like this hackneyed quote, “You can’t legislate morality.”  Here’s an example from a Christian blog:

“Putting the 10 Commandments in school isn’t going to stop children from misbehaving anymore than placing Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms is going to stop people from committing adultery.”

That accurate quote comes from the world’s most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins. His quote is true, because as much as we would like to, we can’t legislate morality. I’m often dismayed at how up-in-arms Christians become when our country does something sinful or abandon’s it’s “Christian roots.”

One more Christian drinks the kool-aid of the zeitgeist and mouths its hackneyed quote, bumper-sticker soundbite convictions completely against the truth of history.

Actually, unless the Gideons are liars, putting the Gideon Bible in hotels has led to a quite few folks walking away from committing adultery–and changed countless lives in other ways. Putting the Ten Commandments on the front of the Supreme Court building wasn’t just a good idea at the time–it’s there to remind every viewer that the Commandments are the moral basis of all law. If someone happens to read the Scriptures, for example the seventh commandment forbidding adultery, in a Gideon Bible their conscience will do what the Bible says the conscience will do: it will either accuse or excuse the reader (See Romans 2:15). No doubt, putting up the Ten Commandments is offensive to many–it offends them because it is a reminder that the Law of God is already written on their hearts.

But back to the stupid quote about legislating morality. Continue reading

Run…From The Crazy Eyes!

Whoa. Maybe it’s just me but lately I’ve been noticing some eerie similarities in some women in the news relating to the Republican front-runners. It’s in the eyes…

Check this out:

The Eyes Have It


I’ve already referenced Michele Bachmann earlier. She popped off after a debate attempting to give credence to the claim of an unknown woman that the drug Gardasil was a dangerous government injection. Many of us gave no thought to the number of other “government injections” we’ve had just to be able to attend school–Rubella, TB, Polio (if you’re old enough to remember that), Mumps, and of course the forever-scarring smallpox. Turns out Gardasil is now being recommended for young boys as well. But being right has yielded no benefit to Rick Perry–who is looking more and more like he will be saying “Adios, Mofo” yet one more time–thanks in part to the attacks made by Bachmann who is now nothing more than an annoying presence on the debate stage. I predict Iowa will send Michele home in January. Continue reading

Run…from incompetent Christians in government

No sooner had I quoted Martin Luther on a local talk show when it seemed like

"I'd Rather Have Mitt Than Barry O! But I Liked Ron More Than Jimmy!"

all the talking heads and pundits were spouting the same quote. Are there quotebooks at hand for ready reference when issues like Mitt Romney’s Mormonism versus evangelical Christianity arise? Must be, because everybody and his brother is saying that Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation and one of those originally termed to be an ‘evangelical’ is attributed with saying that he would, “Rather be governed by a competent Turk (a Muslim) than an incompetent Christian.” Now we know that Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain all claim to be evangelical Christians, but are they more competent than Mitt Romney as the “Turk” in the bunch?

What I brought up in my discussion on the talk show is that we’ve already had the incompetent evangelical disaster along with the very competent evangelical success. One liberal, one conservative–and they were back to back.

Jimmy Carter launched his national campaign for the Presidency in 1975 with the get-to-know-the-candidate book called, “Why Not The Best?” The book was above all else an autobiography, but it included his passion for “soul-winning”–Baptist style evangelism where Carter leads people to faith in Christ. You don’t get any more evangelical than that.  Here was the Christian who was going to bring us out of the dismal failures of Washington corruption, Watergate and the debacle of retreat from Viet-Nam. Why not the best? By the end of Carter’s disastrous term we had our embassy staff held as hostages in Iran and double-digit inflation. We had the President of the United States on the cover of magazines around the world being attacked by a vicious rabbit and needing to be held up by secret service agents after nearly collapsing during a jog. And we still weren’t really over Viet-Nam.  Continue reading

Run like hell…From Hell

Bell’s Hell. You CAN get out later, so no sweat.

According to megachurch pastor Rob Bell, ‘internees’ in Hell will have an eternity of ‘second chances’ to get outta there. I know I’m a “Johnny-come-lately” to the argument but my pastor just preached on Mark 9:42-50, so for me it’s pertinent. Do your homework and you’ll find that gentle Jesus meek and mild spoke more about hell than he ever did about heaven. You should be backin’ up, backin’ up, backin’ up–cause your daddy taught you good–to get the hell away from Rob Bell’s take on the lake of fire. The thing that caught me first was the word in verse 42, “whoever”. “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” Rob Bell’s teaching is no small thing if he’s wrong. It’s probably not a good idea to come up with a new take on a subject that’s been understood in one way consistently for two thousand years, unless you have some mighty hefty evidence that the traditional explanation is incorrect. Bell doesn’t. Continue reading

Run…From Tea Party “Nazis”, Annoying Commercials, “Racists” and Grumpy

Run…but it’s kinda funny actually, “So the white guy calls the Mexican-American Tea Party guy a Nazi…” “NO SCHOOL FOR YOU!”

So this past week we had a pasty white lefty high school teacher calling a Mexican-American Tea Party Activist a Nazi. Right here in River City San Antonio–one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country. Now there were outcries to fire the teacher. There were official statements from the school district saying that though the statement was out of line, they weren’t going to discipline the guy. The rubber meets the road–not at how intelligent the teacher is or is not–but at our right to free speech. People have a right, regardless of their position to speak freely–especially if they are liberals making fools of themselves while speaking publicly. Here’s the video:
Look, people have been laughing at Jerry Seinfeld–a Jewish Guy–making jokes about the “soup Nazi” for years. And where is that guy supposed to be from anyway–doesn’t he sound Middle-eastern? So most folks laugh when the word “nazi” is joined to the word “soup”, it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re conservative or liberal or Jewish. So what did all this laughter do to the word “Nazi” and our reaction to it? Continue reading

Yep. Run like hell…Michele Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Bob Beckel and more…


Week ending Saturday, September 17, 2011

This week you should run like hell from:

Supporting Michele Bachmann, if you’re a conservative…

When she first began her run, I thought Michele Bachmann had character. I even liked the fact that she would dance with her large dude husband, Marcus. I like large dudes being married to good looking women. But as time has drawn on, she’s beginning to remind me of a wannabe cast member auditioning for a part in “Fargo”. Now, as the debates have progressed, her Minnesota accent grates in my Southern ears.

Scrappy-doo Michele took on the big dog this past week at the debate in Tampa, Florida when she accused 3-term Texas Governor Rick Perry of wanting to give “innocent little twelve year old girls a government injection”. This mainlined a near-porno-video visual into the brains of tea partiers who feel that they’ve had enough of the ‘fed’rul gummint’ sticking it to them. Bachmann labeled the vaccine, Gardasil, “potentially dangerous” that Perry, by executive order would be forcing on middle-school girls in Texas. Michele, immediately following the debate, quoted a woman who tearfully complained to her that her daughter had “suffered mental retardation” after her injection of Gardasil. Neither science nor truth is on Michele’s side.

After 35 million injections there have been absolutely no instances of the sudden onset of “mental retardation”  as a side effect of Gardasil. (Although the same, perhaps, cannot be said of the effect of running for President). In fact, a panel of the FDA has voted 7-1 that this same drug is effective in blocking the human papilloma virus (HPV) in young men aged 9 to 26. According to “the science”, HPV causes warts and certain rare cancers of the genitals in both men and women. And those pesky genital warts, too. Gardasil may be the only injection out there that can effectively prevent certain kinds of cervical cancer. But the issue may be, did Perry do the right thing by issuing an executive order requiring the injections?

Texas has an interesting population. We have a lot of teen pregnancies compared to the rest of the country. If that is so, then it stands to reason that if there is a vaccine out there to be administered that will cut cancer rates for sexually active people we could save the government billions in future healthcare costs, particularly here in Texas. We have a lot of folks without any kind of healthcare insurance–relatively speaking. Why? We have a lot of folks arriving here through our porous southern border who come here to become dependent on our welfare system. They get educated in our schools and add to our high drop out rates. They hook up and have anchor babies here while our property taxes pay for their children’s births. Continue reading